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Need a responsible and kind person to look after your dogs? Diamond Dogs provide your pets with luxury five-star care before, during and after your wedding day. With years of experience working with dogs of all shapes and sizes, your pet will feel right at home with me. My philosophy is simple - pets are integral members of the family and the wedding day would not be complete without them. You might even like to walk down the aisle with them! Diamond Dogs can help you make that dream a reality.

Get in touch with Emily at Diamond Dogs HQ in Christchurch so we can set up a complimentary consultation right away and tailor a package to suit you.



How Diamond Dogs started

Hello! I'm Emily and this is my Diamond Dog, my best friend and fur-baby, Indy. Oh yes, and of course that dashing man in the blue suit is my husband [ha ha].

My wedding day wasn't complete without Indy's presence. I wanted her to be front and centre on the day. It took a lot of co-ordination but I'm so glad I made it happen because I can look back on those photographs with so many happy memories of her. That is why Diamond Dogs was born. I wanted to take the logistical nightmare away for other couples and provide them with peace of mind that their fur-babies were being well looked after throughout the event. Because lets face it, the days before, during and after a wedding are a crazy time!! I've been there, I know!

Pets have always been a passion of mine. Since I was young I’ve always loved animals — both learning about, taking care of them and photographing them. I have qualifications in Basic Animal Care (Vet Nurse Plus) and Managing Problems of Canine Behaviour (CPIT). I also run my own photography business specialising in portraiture of both pets and people: www.EmilyNicholls.co.nz  and I LOVE providing my clients with memories of their big day with their fur-babies in attendance.  

I hope I get the chance to meet your lovely pet soon. Do get in touch so I can show you exactly what my business can do for you. You won't regret it!

(Image by Kate Wark www.katewark.co.nz)


Diamond Dogs Premier Wedding Pet Care Services can be tailored to your needs.

The following services are currently available:



Safely transporting your beloved fur-child throughout your wedding day. 

Diamond Dogs picks up dogs in the morning for walking time. After which we take them to the wedding ceremony, to your photography locations and to the reception. And once their part in the day is complete, we even take them home or to your preferred local kennel and tuck them in bed for the night.

You can enjoy your day and have peace of mind knowing they are safe with me. 


Don’t let your busy wedding schedule interfere with your furry friend’s well-being. Give your dog the care and attention they deserve by letting Diamond Dogs exercise your dog for you. Your dog will thank you for it because as you know a well excercised dog is a happy dog.  

Diamond Dogs will make sure your dog gets a good walk and a wash on the morning of your wedding whilst you are busy getting ready for your big moment.


Diamond Dogs will make sure that your dog gets all of their regular meals, plenty of water breaks and even a few tasty dog-friendly treats for the special occasion. All manner of nutritional requirements can be catered for and I can administer your pet's regular medications if required.


Diamond Dogs will work with your official wedding photographer to get your dog looking at the camera with you. I certainly have a few tricks up my sleeve to help your photographer capture the perfect family wedding portrait!

Being an experienced Pet Photographer, I do also like to capture your dogs portrait at some point during my time with them either before the wedding on one of our walks or at the event itself. 



I love animals and have years of experience working with them. You can trust me to provide a safe, comfortable, fun, and healthy environment for your fur-baby. I am professional, reliable and I’ll watch over your pet as if it were my own.

Get in touch now for a quote and to find out how I can help you bring the dream of having your best friend at your wedding to life - Emily xo


Based in Christchurch, New Zealand





Based in Christchurch, New Zealand


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